Empowering You To Create Positive Change Within

Shamanic Energy Work

Next Level Energy Work Taking You To The Next Level

Polly Green facilitates you to a higher energetic place of expansion. Shamanic sessions and psychic readings geared to you. Powerful shamanic energy work, breath work, and psychic readings work in harmony with your highest and best good. Clearing energetic blockages, allows deep transformation to occur. Allowing you to fully embody all of who you truly are.

Connect. Integrate. Resolve. Evolve. Be.

  • Outcomes of Polly’s Sessions:

    Resolution around a loved ones death : Lightness

    Increase your vibration and frequency : Expansion

    Feel a clearer connection to Source Energy : Connection

    Integrate, transform, clear, and transmute all that is no longer serving you so you can thrive : Vibrancy

    Develop & deepen your inherent psychic gifts and abilities : Life purpose

    Clear and transform blocks and unserving beliefs : Freedom

    Gain clarity in your life direction : Clarity

    Balance and align your chakras & clear aura of negative, dark, heavy energies/entities/way wards/spirits : Joy

    Receive guidance more clearly from guides/source : Connection