Empowering You To Create Positive Change Within

Through a fusion of modalities psychic medium, Polly Green facilitates you to a higher energetic place of expansion. Integrating your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies, a sense of transformation occurs. Embodying the full potential of who you truly are.

Connect. Integrate. Resolve. Evolve. Be.

Polly GreenPsychic Medium & Breathworker

  • My clients are:

    Lightworkers, wellness practioners, coaches, therapists, and those already in the health profession.

  • Why they come:

    To gain resolution around a loved ones death

    To increase their vibration and frequency

    To develop a clearer connection to Source Energy

    To integrate, transform, clear, and transmute all that is no longer serving them so they can work and live at a thriving level

    To develop & deepen their inherent psychic gifts and abilities

    To clear and transform blocks and unserving beliefs

    To gain clarity in their life direction

    To balance and align their chakras & clear aura of negative, dark, heavy energies/entities/way wards/spirits

    To receive guidance more clearly from guides/source

    To be open to receiving

  • What they have received as a result:








    Open hearted unconditional Love

    Clear connection to Source Energy

    Ability to work at the next level

    Clear use of their intuition and psychic abilities

    Tools that help to remain clear and at their highest potential