2 Weeks til lift off

I leave for Germany in a little more than 2 weeks!

I remember starting out on this mission over a year ago now, and it seemed like I had forever. Now I have two weeks til I will be in Plattling, Germany.

I will be there for 3 weeks before the competition, which begins 20 June.

I am glad to be arriving with enough time to get myself acclimated and have practice time there.

I have mostly been training by myself, without a coach and with no training partner.

I have had the occasional instruction from my friend Chris which has helped heaps.

As I have said throughout this journey my biggest hurdles have been mental.

I finally feel like my head is in it. I am ready to take it to the next level.

I still have tricks I need to learn, but am trying to break them down in practice and also not to get too stressed out about the fact that I still don’t know the highest scoring moves.

I have been watching video on youtube and filming myself everyday which is helping. My timing and control is getting better.

I have been re-reading The Winners Bible by Terry Spackman.

He says that what sets winners apart is an unshakable belief in their dream, and that they can achieve it.

I believe I can.

Everyday I say “I CAN” over and over in my head. I am visualizing and feeling the feelings of having great rides.

I knew going into this journey that the underlying reason  has been to face the deep down thing that has always held me back. (my brain)

I feel like my brain/thoughts are finally shifting, which I feel like is a huge miracle and sign that what I have been doing is working.

Lately I have been getting up at 3 AM. I am fired up and can’t wait to start my day.

I start by writing in my journal. Getting clear with my thoughts and goals.

Next comes 2 hours of yoga and meditation.

Followed by 2 hours in my kayak on the water and 2 hours on my bike.

I know I can do this.

My body is holding up and getting stronger and so is my mind.

I am realizing that NOTHING AND NO ONE outside of me can make me happy. This is huge. I finally felt the shift today. It has to come from me and from within.

I am so grateful to have embarked on this mission. I have taken the time out from  video work, simplified my life, scaled back to basics and realized I really don’t need much to make me happy. As long as I can be outside and do what I love I am happy.

I am glad I listened to the inner voice that told me to do this.

(Even tho I thought it was crazy)

Lately I have felt like I am on a freight train towards destiny, which is out of my control, and don’t exactly know where it is going…

Today I am grateful for the mystery of life.

I never would have guessed I would be about to compete at the World Championships again and I am on my way, and am doing it differently.

Thank you for guidance, and helping me to see.

ps. I have started a fundraising effort and it is posted on Indiegogo.

I appreciate the support! And fully believe in giving back, so in exchange I will send you a DVD when my film is finished and if you want to make a large contribution I will give you one of my original pieces of art. (which is on my website http://www.pollygreen.vc.net.nz/ )

Please click on this link to donate…

Thank you!!!!!!

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  1. Susan G.
    Susan G. says:

    You rock, Polly. I can’t believe this year has passed so fast. I’m so proud of you, your work, your lessons and your courage for sharing it all with the world. Namaste!!!!!

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