Wellington- Directing Documentary Seminar


This weekend I went to Wellington for a Directing Documentary Film seminar by Leanne Pooley (director of The Topp Twins). Leanne is basically my filmmaking idol so it was incredible to be able to learn from her for two days.

The Film Archive - Wellington

It was held at The Film Archive which is a great venue.

It was a very inspirational and informational 2 days. And now I am back on track.

I realized that my emphasis had become about inspiring people (which is pretty hard considering I don’t know if anyone even reads this) and not about my mission, and lost my way there for awhile….

I have now come back to my true intention which really is about facing myself. That it’s all about self reflection really.

The water is a mirror into the soul. Mirror Mirror on the Water.

I have come to see that it is all about mirrors and at the end of the day when I look in the mirror do I like what I see. That is the true reason for this journey. Truth be told right now I am maybe 50/50. I am hoping by the time I finish this I will be 100 percent and that will be the true World Championships. Do I like myself at the end of the day?

Polly Green - Fire Outfit

It just so happened that I got invited to a Fire and Ice party while I was in Wellington. Well of course I dressed up as Fire. And a big thanks to my sponsor  Iconic Sport who provided the perfect fire ensemble.

It is always good coming home however and really makes me appreciate my life at the moment.

Keeping it Simple.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass….but learning how to dance in the rain.”

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My Hero Film Festival 2nd Place Winner

The my Hero International Film festival just posted the winning films on their website 2010 Winners The My Hero International Film Festival

A Fire Within came in 2nd Place in Indy Features in Development category, and they also honored me with a Hero Award. I feel truly grateful to have won the awards and gives me even more motivation to get out there everyday to train.

Polly Green Freestyle Kayak Training on The Kaituna River - Photo Jo Tito

My progress is steady but slow. Everyday seems to get a little bit better. It is sometimes hard being out there by myself, and reminding myself what the point is. And when I hear of people that are inspired by what I am doing it makes it all come back into perspective again.

This week has been challenging more on a mental level.  Not so much with physical training but with life. Interactions with people have been challenging and realizing that I am the cause of my own suffering, not them. But like my physical training progress my mental progress is improving. I am at least noticing my reactions now, and able to get back to a calm and peaceful state quicker than I used to. Maybe it takes me two days to get back to equanimity but I think its better than never. I am at least aware of my reaction and agitation. The two things that really helped me yesterday were reading the book Meditation Now by S.N. Goenka and by listening to a youtube video by Abraham Hicks.

This one happens to be about creating abundance in the form of money. The key is about setting your vibration and also becoming aware of where your thoughts are. Are they focused on the lack or the creation?

So today I am grateful for S.N. Goenka, Abraham Hicks, becoming clear, trusting myself more, listening, and being ok with what is.

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My motto at the moment is progress not perfection…

Yesterday I finally got a good loop in training. A loop for those of you non kayaking readers is a full aerial summersault while still remaining in the play feature.( I have provided a video of my first good loop as proof!)

Polly Loops!

Now this is after probably 100 times of falling on my head and doing all sorts of spastic renditions of this manuver.

So what am I learning from all of this?
1. That to get good at something you have to do it over and over and over again
2. It doesn’t happen overnight
3. My elbows hurt
4. It’s the small everyday achievements that really count.
5. It takes alot of crashing before you get it
6. Patience is a virtue
7. Ego needs to be chucked out the window before getting in the water
8. Getting good at something isn’t easy
9. It feels really good when you finally get it!
10. Learning never ends….

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Training grounds

The Kaituna River photo by Jo Tito

Polly Freestylin" Kaituna River photo by Jo Tito

Polly loops at the Kaituna Hole

This is my everyday training grounds on the Kaituna River in Okere Falls, New Zealand. The river is dam controlled so there is always water and it is truly spectacular. I have learned through interviewing a Maori elder to always ask the ancestors to be with me when I put on the river.

The waterfall always gets my heart beating no matter how many times I run it, and is the most unpredictable waterfall ever. Many a trashing have happened here, but when you stick it and go flying off it there is no better feeling in the world. Thank you Kaituna River for being such a magical place!

Polly running the waterfall on the Kaituna

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Polly Reverse Triangle - Photo by Jo Tito

Lotus - Oil on Canvas - By Polly Green

Meditation and Yoga have become a foundation in my training and in my life. Yesterday I went on a one day meditation course designed for “old Students” of Vipassana Meditation. I have previously sat 2 ten day courses so am considered an old student. However this one day course was HARD. 8 hours of sitting in meditation. In my last ten day course in September I didn’t have nearly the struggle as I did on Sunday. Why? I have no idea. But the practice says that the whole point is to just be with what is. To crave a previous experience only creates misery. So I made it through. And felt fantastic afterwards. But during it I was constantly questioning myself…

1. Why am I doing this when I could be outside enjoying the sunshine?

2. Does this work?

3. Man this is Hard..why am I here again?

Well it does work. Someone afterwards asked me why I meditate and the answer I gave was that I think it makes me a better person. I am more aware, grounded, and it helps me remember I am not my thoughts and ego. Also after sitting for 8 hours it makes everything else seem easy.

When I went to Yoga this week, which was also very challenging. I was able to hold the postures for longer and tell myself I could and made me realize how much of everything we do is mental.

Meditation is my mental exercise. And altho it isn’t easy I am very glad to have found the practice.

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