Polly Green

Psychic Medium, Shamanic Energy Worker, Breathwork/Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Filmmaker, Artist, Writer

About Polly

Polly Green is a psychic medium, shamanic energy worker, breathworker, yoga and meditation teacher. She’s a firm believer that healing the body through breathwork, yoga, and other holistic therapies can have profound impacts on our bodies, our minds, and can be hugely beneficial. These practices allow us connect to our bodies and expand our minds in ways traditional therapies can’t. They help us to work through unresolved trauma, generalized anxiety, and other painful experiences that have been suppressed.

Polly is a Qualified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, attuned to the 16th degree in Reiki. She’s also a certified Advanced Theta Healing practitioner. Having been on an intensive spiritual pilgrimage in addition to receiving initiation by a Balinese Priest, Polly has been practicing yoga for 15 years and has completed multiple 10-day Vipassana Meditation courses. She’s also made several trips to study with teachers in India.