BE the CHANGE That You want to see – Ghandi

BE the CHANGE ~ Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas ~ By Polly Green

Yesterday was my first day out surfing since I smashed my face 10 days ago with my surf board.

Why I am writing about this is because it was DIFFERENT.

What was different was me. My mind was turned off. I was just surfing. I wasn’t thinking about what people were thinking about me, trying to look good, or anything else for that matter. I saw a wave paddled onto it and surfed.

I feel like this accident has changed me. I am thinking less, and realizing how much better life is when my mind stays out of it.

Who really cares? What really matters?

I am beginning to see that it is basic. Not much matters, and I feel happier.

I am seeing the less I plan, and think about the future the better things unfold.

I have been saying I think maybe my crash gave me brain damage, but in a good way. I am seeing so clearly how my mind creates the drama, the stories, and it is all made up. It isn’t real.

Today I am grateful for clarity, humility, and just BEING.

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