Day 11 Plattling, Germany

Day 11 ~ Plattling, Germany

Jessie Stone and Polly Green training for worlds~ Plattling, Germany

My good friend Jessie Stone is here now and it has been great training with her. It’s way more fun sharing this experience with her, and nice not feeling so alone here.

We got up early this morning and had a great session on the water with only two other people out there with us. I loved being out there early and with no line it was a perfect chance to work on new moves.
After paddling we reviewed this mornings video (and had another coffee thanks to the amazing Swiss made coffee machine where we are staying), and came away with what we both need to focus on in our next session. I am starting to put together the first part of a routine, and am also spending time working on the moves I still don’t have solid but think I can get before the competition.

Even though ultimately we will be competing against each other it feels more like we are helping each other. After training alone all year, it is a breathe of fresh air to have a motivated and fun training partner! Yay!

Our motto today was less is more and are trying to have focused training sessions without over doing it.

So besides paddling and focusing on worlds here are some of my top favorite things about Germany…

Driving fast

I love driving fast! 150k and cars were still flying past me....

Deciphering the menu

Jessie Stone deciphering the German menu

Bavarian outfits

Shopping Bavaria style....Jessie holds up some red hot shorts!

The coffee machine

Swiss made coffee machine...yummo coffee! (altho of course not as good as Okere Falls Store)

Things have been feeling alot better since reading “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind”. (thanks again Emily!) I highly recommend this book and think it is an excellent tool for life.

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind ~ 2 thumbs up!

I have been enjoying being on the river alot more and have felt less pressure.
The book talks about letting go of expectation, which I had to ask Jessie to clarify…and she said it’s about focusing on what you can do: like your routine in the hole, and not focusing on standing on the podium.
Which makes alot of sense and feels way better thinking about it that way, because we have no control over how anyone else performs besides ourselves and if I nail my routine to the best of my ability than that is truly winning.

I have been changing my thought patterns, saying affirmations, visualizing great rides, working on new moves, and not stressing out as much.

Enjoying everyday, and focusing on the journey not the result.

Today I am grateful to have such a good friend here, and for “2 weeks to go and taking it one breath at a time” (thanks for the quote Paul!)

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  1. Julie from yoga
    Julie from yoga says:

    Hey Polly

    I just found out from the newsletter that you are at the Worlds! That’s awesome! Must have taken a lot of courage, determination, hard work and talent to get this far. I’ll be following your blog. All the best for the forthcoming days, Julie

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