Day 13 Plattling, Germany

Emily Wall does morning yoga

Today was a great day on the river. The water has come up and Jessie, Marianne, and I had the river pretty much to ourselves this morning. I am continuing to stay in the moment and enjoy being on the river.

Jessie Stone loops ~ Plattling Germany

“…to be all you can be in the process of living, and success will be yours. You are a winner if your journey is one of quality.” ~ Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

It is AMAZING how much more I am enjoying this whole experience now that I have changed my focus. I am feeling more relaxed and focused and not worrying about the outcome anymore.

More and more people are turning up, but the feeling is still positive and relaxed.

I have let go of expectations that are out of my control. My goal now is to paddle my best, regardless of what any one else does or doesn’t do, and enjoy the rides!

Jessie Stone and Claire O'hara ~ Plattling, Germany

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