Day 15 ~ Plattling, Germany

Day 15 ~ Plattling, Germany
10 June 2011

Dragon Fly and A NEW DAY!

Let’s just say I am happy that today is a new day.

And once again thank god for friends and getting back on the horse.

Bavarian Countryside

I was going to take today off. I slept in later than normal and did my yoga practice and visualization.

Jessie called at the perfect time to say she was going to the hole. I actually felt good doing yoga and realized I didn’t really need a day off. Getting the phone call from Jessie was exactly what I needed to get me back on track and to move on from yesterday.

I reset my goals before getting in the water and said to myself that today was going to be about just being comfortable with the crowd and the line. To get back to that place within myself where I am relaxed and calm and not worried about my performance. And to enjoy paddling!

So my first ride or two I was still tense, but after that I let go of all expectation and just said it doesn’t matter. The goal for today is just to get comfortable not to stick a bunch of tricks. So by taking off the pressure to perform I had a WAY better session today in terms of my emotional state. I wasn’t tense and frozen and remembered how to paddle again.


Mariann post evening paddle session~ thanks for yesterday's pep talk!

I am back to feeling happy and positive and have now really let go of expectations. The words from my friend Trish yesterday were still in my head and said “Polly, you are exactly where you need to be today”.

I had another great chat after my training session, and thanked Emily Wall again, who gave me the book “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind”. Once again I read exactly what I needed to in the book and talked to her about it.

Her words of wisdom today helped a lot too, and she said “you never know what is going to happen and what this is about. Don’t place positive or negative judgment on the outcome. There could be something entirely different that comes that you never saw or expected”.

Emily Wall~ Plattling, Germany ~ Thanks for the words of wisdom!

So today I am grateful that things shift, and for accepting and being ok with where I am.

Cool countryside mission this avo with Claire O'hara

AND… I always seem to get exactly what I need to hear at the perfect time.

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