Day 18 ~ Plattling, Germany

Day 18 ~ Plattling Germany
13 June 2011


Reflection ~ Plattling Germany

I took yesterday off from paddling which was a great idea.

I did my full yoga practice and went for a long walk. On my walk I spent the whole time visualizing my perfect rides, and did it over and over in my head. AND got back to myself and the happy place within that is TRULY me.

I spent the rest of the day reading The Way of The Champion by Jerry Lynch.

The Way of the Champion

What I am learning is that external accomplishments/medals/winning will never bring happiness. What truly brings happiness is connecting in the moment, taking the pressure off and allowing myself to do my personal best for ME. Not in comparison to any one else. To have integrity and self -confidence and not base my worth on my performance. So that was today’s main goal. I got over the intimidation factor and said today I am going to smile and have fun out here and not care. And I did! I know this is about putting the pieces together, about growing and accepting myself and learning these lessons. I am learning I am worthy no matter how I paddle, perform or achieve. FREEDOM feels possible.

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