Day 20 ~ Plattling, Germany

Day 20 Plattling

15 June 2011

Yesterday I woke up with my lower back in an excruciating spasm.

So that ruled kayaking out of the days plans. I went for a long slow walk and focused on visualizing my rides.

Plattling ~ My daily walking track

I walked down to the river to see what was happening and grand stands are now up and more and more paddlers are here. The eddy now has a constant que of at minimum 10 people even at 5am, and practicing is a lot about being patient and waiting, which is why I think my back seized up.

Plattling ~14 June 2011~ The grand stands are up

So the rest of yesterday I laid down, read and tried to remain positive.

Thankfully Jessie came by with some ibuprophin and that seems to be helping.

Today is a new day and I think the back spasm is easing up. I can now bend over at least and sit down and move which is a big relief. I went down and did some filming at the hole this morning, which was fun and good to see things objectively. I am taking today off and am praying my back comes right by the competition and my feeling is it will.

I am trying to look at this without judgment.

Focus on staying positive and do what I can do.

I know things always work out and am just very grateful that the pain is passing.

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