Day 23 ~ Plattling Germany

Day 23 ~ Plattling Germany ~ BACK on the horse
18 June 2011

First NZ Team Training~ Polly Green getting some air time

Yesterday was my first day back out on the water after hurting my back, and it was GREAT!

I was so happy to feel good and not be in pain that I was happy with just being out there.

I feel like hurting my back forced me to entertain the possibility that I might not be able to compete.

It forced me to LET IT GO. What if the worst happened?

I always believe that sometimes the BEST things can come out of what we perceive to be the WORST things.

Yesterday I felt great, and believe that having the 3 days off was probably exactly what I needed, and definately not what I would have chosen under my own devices.

We had our first New Zealand Team training last night. It was fun, relaxed, and a good practice session on the river. There was no stress, anxiety or drama. Being on Team NZ (there is only 2 of us) makes me see that there is another way to be out here, and suits who I am. I don’t have to follow the crowd, and am learning that I need to do what works for me. Despite how the other girls are training.

Team New Zealand! Courtney Kerrin, Polly Green

The closer the competition day gets the more I know I can only do what I can do.

My best for me.

That is my goal here.

Today in team training I felt more nervous for some reason. There were more people around and I wasn’t as relaxed as yesterday. I felt like my practice was pretty average, and then a girl from Team USA said she though I paddled really well. Once again I have to say how supportive the other girls have been and how that has made such a huge difference.

I know my brain is the only thing holding me back from doing what I know I can do.

I KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE to go out there on Tuesday and have great rides, and enjoy my time on the water.

No matter how that stacks up.

That is all I can ask of myself.

I have felt like I have been in a very long time warp here in Plattling, facing myself and all the ups and downs that have arisen.

Today I am grateful to be healthy, have a new perspective, and the real honest supportive connections I have made with the other competitors.


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  1. Susan G.
    Susan G. says:

    Hey Polly:

    You are so on target. Keep doing you and all will be well. I’m so proud of you and grateful for your willingness to share your soul with the world. We are better for it. Thank you. Stay strong.

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