Day 25 ~ Plattling Germany ~ Last Team Training

Day 25

Plattling, Germany ~ 20 June 2011

Opening Ceremonies and last Team Training

We just had our last team training.

Opening ceremonies are tonight and prelims tomorrow.

Opening Cermonies~ Polly with Medieval Bavarian Guys (hilarious)

My main issue right now is nervousness, and confidence.

I was rushing everything in practice today.

Thankfully, Devon Barker was on the sidelines coaching me.

Opening Ceremonies ~ Devon (my godsend coach) and Polly

Her advice: “Be PERCISE! It doesn’t matter if you do 5 moves incomplete. It is better to do 3 that count. Be calm. You can do this.”

It really helped getting those words of advice from Devon.

She really helped me at the 2003 Worlds in Graz, Austria, where she said “ go out there and be more aggressive than you ever have been in your whole life” and she was right. Here feels like that exact opposite of Graz. Slow is better. Percise is better. Calm is better. Which funnily enough, has been my mission all year. Getting into the calm place. I guess tomorrow is the test. I know I need to do some really good meditating today.


I can feel the tension in my body right now and really know if I can just relax it will all be ok.

Right now it is ALL mental.

Devon said I can be competitive with the tricks I have. It’s just a matter of doing them when the clock starts tomorrow, and being consistant.

The water level is the highest it has been the entire time I have been here, which is good.

Opeing Ceremonies ~ Erin, Jessie, Courtney, Ruth, Emily, Polly

My goal right now is to chill out, breathe, and have the confidence in myself to go out there and put it together.


Today I am super grateful for Devon’s help and support and also the support and well wishes from my friends around the world. THANK YOU!!
Ps… If you want to send calm vibes my way for tomorrow that would be excellent!!

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  1. Zirkel
    Zirkel says:

    “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.” ~Michael Caine

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