Day 4 ~ Plattling, Germany

Day 4~ Plattling, Germany

Plattling ~ River Isar

Today I am exhausted.

I slept 12 hours last night and started my yoga practice this morning and couldn’t make it past my first few sun salutes.

Every muscle feels sore and tired after only 3 days here, and I thought I was fit.

Very happy to be here early and am going to have to factor in more rest time that I anticipated.

Plattling Day 4

I am feeling more positive after my second training session yesterday. I started to get the feel for my new boat and the hole.

I have ashtanga yoga Guru Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois’s words in my head…
“slowly, slowly all is coming.”

Plattling Freestyle Kayak World Championships 20-26 June 2011

I am grateful to be here.

Thanks heaps for all of the support, likes, comments and donations! It is soooo nice to know I am not alone here.

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