Day 5 ~ Plattling, Germany

Day 5 Plattling, Germany

Plattling, Germany ~doesn't that sky look like rain is coming to you?

Well after another twelve hours sleep and a day off yesterday I am feeling back on track. I woke up and did my whole yoga practice, had two sessions on the river and went on a long walk.

Plattling ~ Love the flower boxes and reflection in the window

The river was a lot lower today but I was out there alone for both of my sessions so it was a great opportunity to work on some new moves, which I am needing to do. I got out of the water as soon as I felt the first signs of tiredness and although I only stuck the new trick once or twice I still felt good about my training.

Sign for worlds infront of the church

Rain is in the forecast, which is fantastic news as the hole is A LOT better with more water so hopefully the weather gods smile on us. I am grateful to have energy and strength back today and “slowly slowly all is coming”…

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