Day 6 ~ Plattling, Germany

Day 6 Plattling, Germany

I have never seen more mini's on one train ~ day 6 ~ Plattling

Today has been emotional. And pretty hard to put into words.

I got the feeling something else is going on here that really has nothing to do with me.

Something bigger and I am only the messenger.

I was writing this morning in my journal and started to talk to my 4 angels. They are my 4 friends who have died.
They all died young and suddenly and were incredible people, who have had a significant impact on my life. My 4 angles have been with me on this path.

I have been feeling like I need a miracle here.

So I had a little talk with them and I said, “ok guys, this is about you, a bigger message, a bigger purpose. How about you paddle through me. You communicate and create through me and I will just get out of the way. How does that sound?”

So what happened? ……I FELT THEM.

They are here, and tears started streaming down my face. I have known this entire time that I couldn’t do this alone, and weirdly I have been mostly alone (on the physical) plane with all of this the whole time.

So today I got it.

I think this whole mission was their idea to begin with (because it definitely wasn’t mine)

So this all may sound crazy, but I know the barrier between the physical and spiritual world is pretty thin, and today I felt my friends here with me….. And miracles are happening.

Although, my paddling this morning was pretty average, I spent the whole session working on tricks I don’t know. I talked to my friends the whole time too and even though I wasn’t exactly smashing it, I enjoyed my session on the river.

Brittish paddler Emily Wall goes for loop ~ Day 6 ~ Plattling

If at the very least embarking on this journey can help convey a bigger message (which I am not really sure what that is) than it is worth it.

So today I am doing the work, but getting out of the way at the same time. I know I need a miracle to get up to speed in the next 2 and a half weeks. I know my friends are helping me and when all is said and done I am doing this for them.

So today I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to know some amazing people. Thank you angels!

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  1. Susan G
    Susan G says:

    Polly, this is so true and brought tears to my eyes as I read. That’s what we’re working on, right, no separation between the realms. The vibration of pure light. You’ve got your
    miracle girl, it’s you. Thank you for your strength, grace and generosity. Keep paddling!!!

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