Day 7 ~ Plattling, Germany

Day 7 ~ Plattling Germany

Plattling ~ In the eddy

The over all vibe here has been really relaxed and friendly. Still not many paddlers are here, which has made for a very casual, supportive, and fun feeling.

Bavaria Style ...I really want to get one of these dresses!

Today I spent time talking to 2 of the girls on the British Team.

Claire O’hara and Emily Wall. Emily gave me two really interesting books to read : “The Way of The Champion” and “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind” I am super stoked, and thought it was an extra cool gesture on Emily’s part. Thank you!

I also had a long talk with Clare, which was also great and am happy to be getting to know the other girls here. AND they even came to find me and invite me to dinner with them. Very all around awesome.

Claire O'hara(UK), Courtney Kerrin(NZ), Emily Wall(UK)

The river is still at a good level from all the rain which is great. I am trying to take it one day at a time and look at what is going well… instead of all I still need to learn.

I decided my number one goal is to enjoy my time here and not get stressed out, so am reminding myself that every time I go out to paddle to have FUN.

My fortune today in my Chinese fortune cookie was “Make time for things you enjoy, and have some fun” Is that perfect or what?

So today I am grateful for making new friends, staying in today and enjoying the moment.

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