Day 8 ~ Leipzig, Germany

Day 8 Leipzig, Germany ~ Magic Carpet Ride

Munich Airport ~ Flying to Leipzig

Today was a very random magic carpet ride that began by flying to Leipzig Germany, and free coffee compliments of Luftansa! Thank you Luftansa!

Free Coffee in Munich Airport!

Schorshi, an old friend of mine, got me a job for the day on a National Geographic TV show. Thank you Schorchi!

I arrived in Leipzig an hour plane ride later, and checked into my 4 star hotel that the production company booked me, and what is there waiting for me? …..a box of chocolates all wrapped up! After marveling at my present (that I am trying hard to not open) I headed strait for the spa pool.

4 Star and Chocolate Present

I could get used to this!

Spa Pool !

I had a few hours to read the book Emily gave me “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind” which is turning out to be EXACTLY what I need to hear, and is all about visualization and positive brain programming. Thank you Emily!

( I think I am going to start doing more visualizing of spa pools, 4 star (make it 5) hotels and boxes of chocolates!)

The film crew picked me up at 4pm from the hotel and we headed to the Leipzig whitewater stadium, which is an artificial whitewater course where they had done a shoot previously with a stunt man. What they wanted me to do was comment on the reenactment of a kayaker /(stunt man~ Felix) being pinned, which was soposed to simulate the accident in which the show is based upon.

Leipzig Whitewater Stadium

I had a few issues with Felix the stunt man not wearing a life jacket, but the crew was really easy to work with and the day was a nice diversion and getaway.

Me and Felix the Stunt Man

Andre the camera man going the extra mile and stripping down to his undies

So the moral of today is… you just never know what life has in store, and today was a very welcome magic carpet ride.

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