Rebirthed in The Maldives: Divine messages Diving with Sharks

The rebirth happened thirty metres underwater deep diving in the Maldives. As if mother ocean was surrounding me in the most massive womb there is.

We were seventeen minutes into our deep sea dive when magic appeared in the form of two great white sharks.

As luck would have it the rest of my dive team had a business meeting on board the mothership and were skipping out on this particular dive, which meant Iboo, the ocean whisperer, dive guide was alone with me.

The rest of the groups were starting off at a manta ray cleaning station, which involved hooking into a stationary point in the coral and waiting for the mantas.

We had done two hooking in dives previously and they were not my favorite. To be honest, it felt like being a dog on a chain. I felt trapped, restless, and all my mind wanted to do was unhook and escape. However, completely dependent on doing what my guide was telling me, I had to dig deep for some acceptance and gratitude and chill out, until I was told it was time to unhook. A lesson in surrender.

Surfacing, Iboo could tell I was not happy. “Not your favorite dive, right Polly?” The lovely Iboo could sense my restlessness under water. I was straight up in my reply, “Iboo I like to move, I need to be free!” He got it, and explained the ripping current was too fast in that spot and hooking up was our only option at that stage.

The following day he gave me the option of not following what the rest of the group was doing and just jumping in and going! “Have you seen mantas before Polly?” Iboo asked me. “Yes in fact I have, I replied,” he said, “ok then we don’t have to hook up to the manta station if you don’t want.” “Oh thank you Iboo! I can’t bear to be hooked up again. Lets just go!” So we jumped in and flew!

Iboo, my underwater angel, even made his arms into the shape of superman flying and we were! The current moving us along at a swift pace we were truly flying underwater! I was so happy, my gratitude for Iboo was overflowing, and what amazing fortune to have him all to myself! He was very attentive. I felt so safe, cared for and looked after.

We saw a massive turtle the size of a human being, and some smaller sharks. I was loving it! The vertical reef on our right and the deep blue sea out to the left, full of mystery and magic.

Iboo had a special shark attracting technique. He would fill a plastic bottle full of stones and then rub his metal pointer stick with it, creating a sound that somehow attracts sharks.

Being a new scuba diver, and totally naive, I had full faith and trust in my amazing guide Iboo. He signalled me to wait on the coral ledge and almost instantly a big form came swimming parallel to the reef.

Holy sh*t! This was a real shark!

A massive six metre long form, with little fish attached to it, clinging along for the ride. We had seen several, smaller white tipped reef sharks in our previous dives. They were small and seemed very disinterested in us.

This one however was different. It was massive and looked like JAWS.

This is the big time!

All of a sudden, I felt like I was scuba diving the equivalent of class five in kayaking. It’s as extreme as it gets. This was hard core and I felt it!

I was peaking, and had to have physical contact with Iboo! I gripped onto his leg and we sat there motionless like underwater statues.

Woah, ok that was incredible! How does it get even better than this!?

Feeling overjoyed with this exciting encounter, the previous dives frustrations wiped away in an instant.

Now this is real adventure!

The shark left into the mystery of the deep, and Iboo signalled that we would keep moving. “Whatever unfolded from here would be icing on the cake,” I thought.

A few minutes later Iboo signalled me to stop again on the vertical reef ledge. We stopped close together and what happened from here nearly stopped my heart.

Two massive great white sharks came out of nowhere. I gripped onto Iboos leg and tried to not move a muscle. They were the biggest things I have ever seen underwater and these were the real deal.

Spanning 6 metres in length, powerful, intense, and no nonsense, these beautiful animals humbled me, and gave me the most incredible moments I have ever lived.

Turning up the volume.

Facing me with my insignificance, knowing that if it chose to it could eat me in one bite. My happiness, aliveness, and excitement in that moment, culminated.

How does it get any better than this!?

Feeling fully maxed out with adrenalin, and completely at peace at the same time, surrender of a different kind overwhelmed me. If this is it, if this is the end of my life, how cool! It would be the most magical exit, and I really felt ok with dying right then.

However, it felt more like the sharks were there with a message rather than a meal on their mind. Aggression wasn’t coming from them, it was like they were there asking for my respect, and they had it!

The minutes Iboo and I sat there frozen in time, face to face with the great white sharks, turned the dial on my reality. All of a sudden nothing mattered.

They erased my brain.

“See the truth Polly, get out of the small you, you are in the big league now, so act like it,” this sonar shark message, kicked me in my underwater ass. “We feel you, we know who you are, step up to the plate.” “It is now or never, time is short, complete your mission, do what you came here for. It’s time to drop everything that doesn’t matter, all of it! Be the full expansion of who you really are, and stop faffing!”

Wow! Ok I get it!

Mission accomplished, message delivered, the powerful shark messengers gracefully swam away.

I was peaking and nearly wet my wetsuit!

I wanted to hug Iboo, for this once in an incredible life time moment.

He signalled me to go and we gradually ascended up from our deep depths. Taking in the magnificence of the beautiful colored reef and amazing tropical fish, this really was the icing on the cake!

I stared transfixed, as a turtle swam up to the surface circled in a holo of light, as if it was another angel there to guide me. Reaching the air limits on the oxygen tank, it was time to leave my underwater family and pop up to the surface.

Feeling a very special connection with Iboo, knowing he just shared the most magical moment of my life, I did hug him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Still in semi shock, and not fully breathing still, I climbed aboard the dive boat stunned at what had just happened. Iboo said, “no one is going to believe us Polly, this just doesn’t happen.”

Iboo told me later that it was magical.

He has logged eight thousand dives in over twelve years as a divemaster in the Maldives. He said he has never been more scared in his entire dive career, and never ever seen great white sharks before!

In total I have dived twenty one times.

I love being a beginner!

No expectations and nothing to compare it to, everyday for me, is mind blowing (except the hook in days!)

Iboo said, “people will be jealous Polly. No one else in the group saw what we saw.” The other divers were a worldly group, who all had more experience than me, and took their diving seriously.

I realized that this experience was something to be cherished, not to talk about it with the others, and keep it sacred. Between me, Iboo, and the ocean. We told the boys on the boat what happened and they all seemed sceptical and doubtful. None of them had ever seen great whites, and were trying to tell us it didn’t happen. We knew what we saw.

One of the other dive masters came up to me privately later and said you must have very good karma for this to happen. You are very blessed.

The rest of the day I recounted what happened, replaying it over and over in my mind. Everyday I have been asking for the next step in my expansion. This was the next step.

The sharks felt my respect and gave me some of their power.

How does it get even better than this? Iboo said, “it will be pretty hard to top that dive Polly.”

However the next morning it got even better.

The businessmen who were all in my dive group left and as luck would have it I had Iboo all to myself again.

I set my intention: Please let me get what I came here for and give what you brought me here to give.

I erased my mind, watching the early morning sun glistening on the water as the dive boat made it’s way to the next site.

Fully trusting and surrendering that whatever was about to happen would be perfect. Putting on my dive gear, I jumped in the water after Iboo.

I had forgotten to check my buoyancy control device inflator gadget and it wasn’t hooked up properly. Oh jeez. “I hope this isn’t bad,” I thought. We were down at a depth of 30 metres and I showed Iboo my little problem. He swiftly hooked it back together and all was fine.

He motioned me to stay where we were. I have learned that Iboo always has something up his sleeve and do exactly what he tells me to do.

I am being taught how to be yin, to be open, trust, ask for help and receive it graciously, surrender, be taken care of, allow support, and take direction.

None of this is in my natural nature.

Most of my life the fisherman has been my task master. I have decided to thank the yang, masculine fisherman for all he has done, and the rest of me has dived into the ocean.

The fisherman helped me win competitions, train, focus, and get what I set out to get. The deep sea diver is open, humble, receptive, takes it all in, waits, is patient, and follows directions.

A white tipped shark appeared out of the deep, followed by a bigger than human sized sting ray.

Woah! The stingray was like a massive angel flying on the bottom of the ocean. It took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. “Ok,” I thought, “here is how it gets better!”

Another smaller stingray appeared at my level and swam close to me. I asked it if it had a message for me. It replied, “Polly you are here to live.” and then swam away into the deep blue sea.

Every ounce of my being wanted to follow the sting ray into the expansive beyond and never come back, but his message was that I had to go back. It was time to live.

At that instant I felt as if the ocean were rebirthing me. Like I was in a massive womb. I felt so loved, supported, and held by her magic waters. Tears of overwhelming gratitude flooded my eyes, and I searched for Iboo, my lovely, supportive, magical guide.

How amazing! This is exactly what I have been asking for: To feel held, supported, loved, and cared for. And I was! We made our way up the colorful coral wall and I was overwhelmed by the majesty of the technicolor brightness, the surreal fish, and the whole experience.

Gratitude overflowing out of every pore of my body, feeling blessed beyond comprehension.

How does it get any better than this? What is the next step for my highest expansion? Please help me to get and give what I came here for. Please help me to be absolutely present. Free from craving and aversion. In gratitude for the multitude of blessings. Help me to focus on all of the good instead of the one thing that irritates me. I have a choice. Empty out the thinking. Drop it. Be free and clear. Living as if I am in the deep blue sea all the time. Open, receptive, in awe, truly alert, awake, and present to each and every breath. What if I brought this scuba mentality into everyday life. Not talking. Just being. Sensing the energy. What am I putting out. What am I attracting.

It keeps getting better.

The following day we went searching for the biggest fish in the sea, whale sharks.

The dive boat made a sighting and told us to get on snorkel gear and jump. There were other boats of snorkelers around and it felt like feeding time at the whaleshark zoo, and we were the bait.

I hate being one of the crowd and doing touristy things, which is what this felt like, but never mind, I am here and so is a whale shark, so why not be one of the crowd and start scanning.

Suddenly I saw something way at the bottom that looked like a big fish. Upon closer inspection, this big fish was only a tail, and attached to it, a massive whale shark.


However, he was way down at the bottom, and we were bobbing along on the surface, lack of scuba gear making closer contact impossible.

Our dive boat called us all back on board and told us to get on dive gear.

No expectations.

Setting the intention for the next level of expansion, and feeling gratitude that I already saw the whale shark, how can it get even better?

Iboo was sick, so I was told to go with Mox, one of the other dive masters, who had the big boy team. Right at the last minute, Mox pawned me off on Shumi, another guide, who had two other girls with about the same experience as me in his group.

Shumi jumped in first and following obediently, I jumped in closely behind. Immediately we began descending. The sound of metal banging against his oxygen tank, sounded the alert, after only about a minute under water.

Shumi had spotted something.

I have learned to stick close to the guide like a very obedient puppy, figuring they know what’s up, and I can’t go wrong. He spotted the whale shark and started kicking furiously to catch up with it! As if on an invisible dog leash, I stuck to Shumi like glue. Kicking at his pace, motoring along we caught the whale shark. Unbelievable!

It was over eight metres in length, spotted, calm, and powerful.

Shumi and I swam side by side with this massive king of the sea for ten minutes! Another magical nautical moment! How is this possible? Where are the others? How am I so lucky? These questions I quickly dismissed and decided to soak it all in. Just be here now Polly!

Shumi and I had a very mystical swim with our majestic new friend, who gave me the message, “you are right where you are meant to be.” Swimming with the magnificence of the whale shark somehow gave me myself back.

Inner happiness flooded my entire being, experiencing gratitude beyond compare. Free of Obsession for the first time in my life, and replacing it with the essence of a woman. The Indian ocean rebirthing me into the wholeness of who I truly am.

The fisherman feels long gone, alchemized into the deep sea diver!

We got what we were meant to. I felt completely honoured, satisfied, complete and held this sacred blessing in my heart. It wasn’t something I needed to talk about, the divine message was an internal one. “You are right where you are meant to be. You are free.” Free! I let go with the aid of the ocean magic, and what I felt was all encompassing masculine love from all sides. Love, support, understanding, empathy, connection, care, attention, fun, playful, light, happy, joyful, expansion. My unhealthy behaviour dissolving at the bottom of the deep blue sea, and emerging from the depths the woman I truly am. Mother ocean washing me clean.

The incredible sea messengers, alchemists transmuting my weaknesses into pure magic. Miraculously as if everyday they were stripping off another layer, leaving me with no skin, merging with the entire underwater world. Feeling the joy, expansion, mystery, otherworldly possibility. Receptive, open, and without expectation. Only pure gratitude for the moment, seeing the beauty in that minute. Not holding on to it because it is nothing that can be acquired. Only felt to the depth of my being, and etched into my memory. The energy of these sea beings residing in my body.

That same evening was my first ever night dive, and as per usual, I cleared my mind of all expectations. Iboo was back with me again, so whatever unfolded, I was in good hands. He said, “Polly it’s just like a normal dive,” and handed me a torch.

We jumped in the midnight blue water and slowing sank to the sandy ocean bottom, where Iboo told me to sit down and stay.


At least I wasn’t attached to a rope and hooked in, I consoled myself. “Ok, Polly just treat it like an underwater meditation, you can do this, clear your mind, drop craving and aversion, and concentrate fully on each breath,” which is exactly what I did and started to slow my breathing way down. Our group began to form a circle, reminding me of a ceremonial underwater campfire, all shining our torchlights into the center of the circle.

Almost instantly, two to four metre nurse sharks came swimming into our circle. They were close and touching us as they weaved in and out. “Ok, just breathe, relax, and be still,” my inner Gandhi voice was telling me, as sharks were weaving in and around like playful puppies out of their cages.

I guess this experience is about releasing all fear of sharks, and being in full faith, trust and surrender. Which I was.

In this state of trapped surrender, I counted my breaths, shallowly inhaling for a count of three and exhaling for a count of fifteen. In scuba the idea is to use as little oxygen as possible and make it last. So I thought this would be a good time to practice, while simultaneously sending love to the sharks.

One of the sharks had a massive hook stuck on the side of its mouth, and one of the guides actually managed to get it out. I tried to send telepathic apologies to the sharks for human insensitivity. How could anyone want to kill these beautiful creatures?

Out of nowhere, from behind, it felt like a strong wind was pelting me with big grains of sand. “How strange,” I thought “is it possible to have wind underwater?” The pelting, underwater, wind storm enveloped me.

Billions of small shiny fish swarmed our underwater campfire. It was a feeding frenzy and they were bombarding us from every nook and crany. There was no space. I couldn’t see anything except colors flashing, while feeling sharks swimming around me everywhere.

It felt like a psychedelic, underwater, next level, other dimensional, torture chamber, or a very bad acid trip gone horribly wrong. Completely overwhelmed, my body started to shake, and I was full blown crying underwater. I was in some form of trauma, shock release, similar to what I have experienced in deep breathwork.

If it hadn’t been for the amazing Iboo I think I could have passed out. My entire body went limp, and I was crying uncontrollably.

Iboo was tuned in to my melt down, grabbing onto me and swimming me up to the surface. As soon as I was back on the boat it was as if the entire experience was erased. There were no words to describe what happened.

It felt actually like some kind of underwater communication portal opened, the transmission energy was going through me, and it was just too much.

The dive guides said that had never ever happened before and it was intense for everyone. Who knows, but it felt otherworldly, out there and almost did me in.

I am changed. For the first time in my life, I feel like the woman I know I am meant to be in this world. Massive gratitude for mother ocean and the magical sea creatures for bringing me home.

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