Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand – relax. If you relax it comes. If you relax it is there. ~ Osho

Preparing to Fly ~Photo By Polly Green

I have to note that I only noticed how cool this caterpillar was after a friend who was visiting sent me a photo- and it was right outside my door! It reminds me of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho one of my favorite books. That we don’t have to travel to distant lands in search of our treasure. It is already within us if we remember to look.

Surrender…letting go of manipulating, controlling and just being in the flow.

This is how I have felt since my surfing accident and hitting my head.

I keep getting examples of how when I do this I am on the right path.

Yesterday I was walking on the beach trying to keep a clear mind and be present, and looking for cool shells that caught my eye. All of a sudden there was a $10 bill lying right there on my path. It felt like money from heaven so I picked it up walked a bit further and there was another $10 bill. I am not kidding.

I felt like it was a sign that I am being taken care of when I pay attention and am present.

The whole day seemed to flow like that.

Abraham Hicks calls it going downstream.

I don’t think life is supposed to be so hard. I feel like I have been the one making life a struggle by pushing constantly and striving for success. But when I go with the flow and keep my eyes open good things happen. Better than I could even imagine.

I have to honestly say that I don’t care that much about success anymore. In terms of this journey to the World Champs I am seeing it more now as a platform for me to be present and do my best, but I don’t care as much. I know it really doesn’t matter.

I feel as tho this shift has given me more inner confidence. Not caring about external approval, winning awards, getting interviewed. Now it is more about living. Living in harmony with the greater picture of what my life is really about.

The beginning of this journey started out with me interviewing alot of people, and asking for advice.

Now I feel like it’s not about that. I know everything I need to know if I just take the time to listen.

I also said in the beginning that there may be a love story, and what I am discovering is it is a love story ….with myself.

So I have 4 months to go until this journey is over. But what I am also realizing is it won’t be over in June when I compete at the World Championships. This is a life long journey that will only end when I do.

Today I am grateful for Ease and that good lessons can come out of hard times.

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  1. Jo
    Jo says:

    Beautiful Polly and well said!! And if there is any way that I can be there with you in Germany to support you, win or lose, doesn’t matter, I will! – I want to know dates so I can plan for it!! There are some other places I want to travel to in Europe as well so want to make a journey of it! xx

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