Why is it so important to get out of my comfort zone?

I have been thinking a lot lately about getting out of my comfort zone, and why it is so important.

Last weekend I got invited to go with my Balinese priest friend to his house with his family about 2 hours away from Ubud.

Of course I said YES!

Getting invited by a local person into their culture is always a magic experience, however it is also an act of surrender & trust.

Not knowing where you are going, what is going to happen, & no control over anything! Experiencing first hand how other people live, what they do, how it flows, is amazing. It’s amazing because it’s different.

I love experiencing other ways of being and living.

I got to thinking about how most of my best life experiences are the ones where I am out of my comfort zone. Like filmming Nomad people in Northern India, walking 385 miles by myself for 30 days, going on my many adventures, and doing things that arn’t “comfortable”.

Why are these experiences so amazing?

Why is getting out of my comfort zone so important?

When I got back from my weekend with my priest friend and his family I was filled with a new found sense of GRATITUDE.

For my house, living alone, my life and all the abundance that is available.

I am so blessed right here and right now!

My mind under normal circumstances (in my comfort zone), likes to focus on the one thing that is absent in my life. This thinking pattern creates the feeling of lack rather than gratitude.

Just two days out of my comfort zone, and I came back with new eyes.

As I was about to start writing this I came across a draft of a blog I never finished about a massive cycling trip in India that I did three years ago:

My plan was to cycle 450km from Manali to Leh in Northern India.

I had never done any cycle touring before, but figured others have done the trip so how hard can it be.

Sometimes I think being naive is a good thing, because I really had no idea what I was in for.

Cycling from Manali to Leh was challenging for sure, but also one of the coolest things I have ever done.

We went over 5 major mountain passes the highest was over 6000 metres.

I truly loved it.

My 2 companions & I had our share of mishaps, which were mostly mechanical. We borrowed bikes from a friend of a friend who had a friend in Delhi with 2 mountain bikes. I got given a set of old panniers and with a lot of creative bungee cording figured we would be all good. A bike is a bike right?

Wrong. Within the first 5 minutes of our test ride the chain broke on the bike I was using. Not a good start, and bike issues continued to be our nemesis for the entire trip. At one stage we didn’t think we would make it because one of the bikes had only one brake and only the lowest gear. Which was fine going uphill but the rest of the time was a disaster.

Exhausted, but satisfied we made it after 13 days to Leh, Ladakh.

This trip was one of my best ever adventures, and it was because of the challenges!

I had never done it before, it was an all new type of mission, it was physically challenging, in an unknown place, we had bike trouble, physical illness, altitude challenges, team dynamic challenges.

It wasn’t easy! I wasn’t “comfortable”, but the rewards were massive.

Cycling through incredible scenery, overcoming obstacles, and achieving something difficult.

One of my teachers, Rachel Grey, says that getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is one of the most important things to embody.

Letting go, trusting, surrendering, and having faith that Source always has my back.

Today I am overcome with GRATITUDE for being taken out of my comfort zone,

and for receiving the rewards of going with the flow, and the abundance of the present.

Om Shanti!

Cycling from Manali to Leh in 5 parts! Mission of a life time. Getting out of the comfort Zone! Enjoy!

Epic Indian Cycling Mission Part 1

Pip, Satish & I start from Manali India. Destination Leh. Not an easy start, but loving it!

Epic Indian Cycling Mission Part 2

Bike troubles, Pip gets sick, challenges arising!

Massive Indian Cycle Mission Part 3

Thinking we might not make it, but then our luck changes!

Massive Indian Cycle Mission Part 4

Lighter bikes, still no gears or brakes, but we keep charging!

Epic Indian Cycle Mission Part 5

The home stretch! Amazing 17,000 FT mountain pass climb, snow zone, I get sick, and we make it!

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