True Change Comes From Within

Psychic Medium Readings and Shamanic Energy Work


Session Details:

Polly taps into Source, and everything that evolves during the session comes directly from this energy.

The session is focused around your intention. Through directed conversation and guided meditation we get to the heart of your intended outcome.

The objective in the work is dependent on your intention, and is always for your highest good.

After we get clear with your intention we drop in to deeper levels of consciousness through a short meditation.

Setting a safe space with honour and devotion, Polly says a prayer to Source and calls in your intention.

Aura clearing, chakra balancing, raising your vibration and firmly grounding to mother earth lay the foundation of the session.

Connecting and communicating with a loved one that has died can be the focus, however it isn’t necessary, as the session goes well beyond. We are also able to connect with your guides, higher self and Source energy to facilitate your inner journey to manifest your intentions. Anything is possible in a session as long as you believe it is.

Releasing and clearing blocks, and all that is no longer serving you, including grief, guilt, heaviness, and unfinished business, the energy works alongside with your highest and best good creating your desired outcome.

Polly believes integration in the session is crucial, and can take many forms and directions depending on what comes through. She is guided to use different modalities throughout the session and tries to not have an agenda ahead of time, and allows the session to unfold exactly as it is meant to for your highest good.

Lying down and breathing into the new space that has been created, we dive in to the shamanic portion of the session. Circular connected breathing, charges your cells with new fresh oxygen and allows your brain to click into different realms of possibility.

Every session is different, and is in harmony with exactly what you are calling in and ready to receive.

Anything is possible.

Sessions last for two hours.

Investment is $250 (USD).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of appointments received with less than 48 hours notice will be charged full session rates.