True Change Comes From Within

Psychic Medium Readings


Psychic Readings:

Private psychic medium readings with Polly~

Connecting and communicating with a loved one that has died can be the focus of a private psychic medium reading with Polly, however it isn’t necessary, as the session goes well beyond. We are also able to connect with your guides, higher self and source energy to facilitate your inner journey to manifest your intentions. Anything is possible in a session as long as you believe it is.

Polly taps to source energy and everything that evolves during the session comes directly from this energy.

She prefers not to know any details about the person you are wanting to contact or life story details. This keeps the channeled messages clear, and assures that what comes through is pure guidance.

The session is focused around your intention (that you have written down and spent time getting clear with what it is you are wanting)

We are the able to connect, communicate and also INTEGRATE. This can take the form of releasing and clearing blocks, grief, guilt, heaviness, and unfinished business.

Polly believes integration in the session is crucial, and can take many forms and directions depending on what comes through. She is guided to use different modalities throughout the session and tries to not have an agenda ahead of time, and allows the session to unfold exactly as it is meant to for your highest good. Clients always receive exactly what they ask for so it is very important to be clear and specific with what you are wanting.

The objective in the work is dependent on your intention, and is always for your highest good.

Polly begins with a short clearing of your aura and balancing of your chakras.

She will ask you to state your desired wish for your session out loud.

She says a prayer that whatever happens in the session is for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.
The sessions will begin with a short grounding meditation, and then your loved one(s)/guides are invited in.

Polly connects to your loved ones/higher self/guides.

She cannot guarantee who will come through for you, but in most cases the desired loved one/guides comes through. There may be someone else also prominent who will also come through.

Polly feels, and/or sees, and hears their presence.

You can ask them questions.
Polly relays what they say either in 3rd person or sometimes directly through her in 1st person.

She will feel and sense what the main issue is for you both that is needing clearing/healing/resolution/integration.

Every session is different and she never knows what will unfold, but it is always very loving.
These sessions usually focus on forgiveness, releasing guilt, and moving into a new way of being with our loved ones & ourselves that can be utterly beautiful.

Chakra Balancing, Aura Clearing & Life Direction Reading:

In these sessions we focus on you.

Through your energy body Polly will clear, cleanse, align, and integrate what may be out of balance or feeling heavy.

Polly will ask you to set an intention for your session. How are you wanting to feel?

She will clear and balance your chakras/aura and also get messages for you.

Perhaps your spirit guides will show themselves or your life path will come into clearer focus.

These sessions are always done in the intention of your highest and best good. They can be a great way to gain clarity in your current life situation, to move forward, let go, or shed the skin of the past.

It is recommended to do a series of sessions. These can take place either in person or via Skype.

Over a series more layers will be integrated, your vibration raised higher and will allow for deeper inner work to unfold.

However single sessions are also possible and a lot can unfold and transform in a single session.

Setting an Intention

We frame all sessions around your INTENTION.

Why are you coming to me?

What is your core issue(s)?

If this was the best most miraculous session ever how would you FEEL afterwards?

Write it down as if it has already happened.


Thank you that I am now living a life of joy.

Thank you that I now have clarity and clear perspective on my next steps.

Thank you I now feel connected to Source.

Thank you I now feel connected to my loved one in a new loving way.

Thank you that I feel peace and love in my heart.

Thank you I feel thriving, energised, whole and complete.

Thank you my body now feels restored to pristine condition.

Thank you I am now sleeping peacefully.

Thank you that I feel forgiveness in my heart and soul.

Thank you that I feel a sense of completion and connection with my loved one and our relationship continues to expand in new incredible ways.

It is important to BELIEVE it is possible for your intention to manifest.

Miracles happen in a constant stream of love. Miracles happen everyday.

Distance Readings:

Polly is also available to work with you over Skype.

Distance sessions are exactly like an in person session.

Session Rates:

Single Session : 120 minutes. ~ $250 (USD)

(for sessions that run over 120 minutes the additional rate is $50 per additional 30 minute increments)

Package Prices:

Series of 3 sessions-  save $50 – Total Package Price $700 (USD)

6 Sessions- save $150 – Total Package Price  $1350 (USD)

10 Sessions- save $250 – Total Package Price $2250 (USD)