One on One Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork is a powerful transformative modality. The breath directs the session. We use a circular connected breath in and out through the mouth. As the body charges with increased amounts of oxygen repressed emotion, trauma, and blockages come to the surface, allowing us to process, integrate and move through them into a new place of expansion and freedom.

We will spend the first 30 minutes discussing your current life situation, and getting clear with your desired intention for your session. Following the interview we will drop into a meditation and 60 minutes of conscious connected breathing. You will be lying down and I will be guiding you throughout the entire session. Supporting you with touch, words and music to go deeper within yourself.

The breath then does the work. Your job is to stay connected to the breath and your body sensations.

Whatever arises during your sessions is exactly what is meant to arise.

Attaching no story to the emotion or experience, simply allowing yourself to feel and be exactly where you are.

We have time at the end of the session for integration and sharing your experience.

I recommend doing a minimum of ten sesssions. This allows for time and trust to delve deeper into core held traumas, abuse, and all that is ready to be integrated.

Sessions are 2 Hours and cost $250 (USD)