Polly works with mentees who are wanting to:

  • Develop their psychic abilities
  • Uncover their mystical gifts and share them with others
  • Develop and maintain a spiritual routine that supports their work
  • Start their own practice as a mystic


  • Extensive interview with Polly
  • Your own personal development: 1. Physical Health: you feel healthy and good in your body 2. Spiritual Health: you are on a spiritual path and are committed 3. Mental Health: you have worked through alot of your “stuff” (forgiveness and ease with your past)
  • A personal goal of using your gifts to help and serve others
  • Some latent psychic ability


  • We meet twice monthly (minimum) via skype or in person
  • We get clear with your intentions
  • We discuss where you are now, where you want to get to, and how to get there
  • Plan of Action: we develop a clear routine that works for you
  • Follow Through: you put the plan into action
  • Accountability: you check in with Polly and stay accountable

On going energy work sessions with Polly as needed


  • Mentorship sessions: $125/Hour