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Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic Medium readings involve contacting your loved ones who have left their bodies and have crossed over to the other side. (died)

Polly communicates with them either in 3rd person or directly in 1st person. You can ask them questions, and they often have messages for you. In most cases they want to help you to live a happier life and will assist in forgiveness issues, and letting go of grief.

It is not necessary that you have a loved one that died to come for a reading.

Polly also works with your guides and higher self.

Polly asks you to set an intention for your session, and will begin the reading with an opening prayer that everything that happens is in love and for your highest and best good.

She then does an energetic clearing of your chakras and aura, and then asks for your loved one/guides to join the session.

She never knows what will happen from there, but it is always for the clients highest good and people always leave getting what they ask for.

She gets guidance as the session progresses as to what you need and will receive messages for you. The session goes well beyond a chat with your loved one and almost always brings positive shifts and changes into your life in accordance with your intention.

These sessions are extremely powerful, loving, and healing for both you and your loved one.


When we breathe in a full, deliberate and conscious way, our breath reveals to us a power to integrate, to feel and to connect with our own inner landscape.

The breath technique itself is very simple. Lying down, we breathe in and out through the mouth a full, circular, and connected breath without stopping or pausing.  Giving our full attention to our breath, we ‘follow’ our breath into our body. The intention to not to control our breath (as in Pranayama) but to allow our breath to take charge.

What starts to happen is that our body soon comes to life. It’s like as if it has been waiting for this opportunity and is speaking to us. Our only job is to listen, feel and be aware of what is happening. The extra oxygen along with the life-force or ‘chi’ energy of the breath causes changes to our body and we move beyond what we know with our rational mind, and we begin to experience our life, in our body.

Polly facilitates individual & group breathwork sessions.

She has trained in Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release, and is a Qualified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner.

Shamanic Energy Work

Polly uses Shamanic Energy Work in most sessions. This may sound  “out there”, and adventurous. It is!  But let your fears be eased. Polly creates a safe and sacred space. She only works with Source Energy which is unconditional Love and Divine Light. She always says a prayer that everything is for your highest and best good. (and it always is!)

She incorporates hands on energy work, sound, rattles, crystals, singing bowls, and shamanic clearing techniques.

She has been extensively trained and initiated by a Balinese Priest, and also receives direct transmission from her guides.

She has also been attuned to the 16th degree in Reiki Energy Work.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that involves the transfer of source energy through the hands. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


The practice of yoga is ultimately about transformation. Through the breath we are able to observe our mind and heart.

Polly teaches a variety of yoga styles including: Ashtanga, Yin, and a gentle vinyasa flow progression.

The Ashtanga yoga system is designed to give you a self practice that you can do at home, and is focused on internal self study. Focus is on the breath, the gaze, and using internal locks in conjunction with movement. The goal of the yoga practice is for you to gain the basic understanding of the primary series and will be taught in a slow manageable pace. Each student is given their yoga routine according to their ability.  As one gains more strength, stamina, flexibility and concentration, additional postures are given to the student.

The Yin yoga system is a soothing, calming practice in which postures are held for long periods of time. Ultimately controlling the impulses of the mind, and bringing about physical ease and mental quiet. There are energy channels running through the body that can become blocked as a result of holding on to emotions, experiencing trauma, or through inactivity. Yin yoga dredges these energy channels of accumulated debris. The Ashtanga practice is an energizing and invigorating, Yang style system, which stimulates the flow of fluids through these channels.

Both Yin and Yang can bring about balance depending on which end of the life spectrum you are in at the moment.
Polly teaches both individual and group yoga classes.

She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and has studied with the highest accredited teachers in the Ashtanga Yoga System, including Sharath Jois, Peter Sanson, and Louise Ellis. She maintains a 6 day a week 2.5 hour Ashtanga practice, and does a YIN practice on a regular basis to balance the Yang energy. She completed her RYT 200 yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India with Yogi Kamal Singh, and her 50hr YIN teacher training in Bali. She stays current every year by taking intensives and studying with advanced teachers.


In our meditation sessions Polly guides you through a healing meditation that intuitively suits you on the day. We will explore different techniques including:

  • Anapana meditation : Beginning in a comfortable seated position with our back straight, eyes closed, bringing awareness to the breath as it enters and exits the nostrils. Using the breath as our anchor and allowing us to become aware of the nature of our thinking. As thoughts arise we notice them and then gently return our awareness and attention to the breath.
  • Guided Forgiveness meditation: We will begin this meditation session with several minutes of Anapana meditation to ground and centre us within. Moving our awareness and attention to our heart centre we allow thoughts of people or situations in the past to arise in our minds. We visualise the person or event in our minds eye that we want to clear and forgive. We silently to ourselves say the Ho Opono Pono Hawaiian forgiveness technique mantra and repeat it silently until we feel a shift within our heart and mind.
  • Chakra Clearing meditation: We will begin this meditation session with several minutes of Anapana meditation to ground and centre us within. We then embark on an inward journey beginning and ending with our heart centre. Bringing our awareness and attention to our energy centres (chakras) of the body, one by one, clearing, cleansing and releasing all that is no longer serving us.

Polly teaches both group and individual meditation classes.

She has sat multiple ten day Vipassana meditation courses with S.N.Goenka, and makes a yearly pilgrimage to India to study with her spiritual teachers.