River Dancer

Polly Green paddling on the Kaituna River, NZ ~ Photo Jo Tito

I learned so much on the river today I have to share it….

  • It’s never too late to learn
  • Go back to basics
  • Putting my ego aside opens the door
  • Instead of being the warrior going into battle be the dancer
  • It doesn’t have to be hard
  • Go slow …wait and watch for the opening
  • Less is more

I am so grateful for these lessons from my friend Chris who has been going out paddling with me once a week and bringing me back to square one. It is all stuff I have heard and know but so so good to go back to basics. I was rushing, powering and making things hard. Using less energy actually felt so much better smoother and easier. I could feel the difference in my body between the two ways of approaching the same move. Really watching the river and my boat angle and taking minimal stokes felt so much better than paddling hard and muscling my way through. It did feel like a dance.

I feel like I always get what I need to hear. Everything Chris said to me today not only applied to my paddling, but to my life. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE SO HARD!

He also pushed me to do moves that I didn’t want to do. Once I did them I realized it was all in my mind. They really wern’t that hard, and I had the skills. My mind was the only thing holding me back.

What was exciting about today is I felt the difference between making it happen and being easeful and relaxed.

Today I am grateful because I think that saying must be true “when the student is ready the teacher appears”

Thank you Chris! For teaching me how to dance!

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