India take 2

You know you are on purpose if what you are doing makes you thrive.

These words of wisdom I received as I was leaving Mysore, India on my last trip back in September 2012.

And it made me think….. What makes me thrive?

Different cultures, being outside, spiritual connection, adventure, new experiences, sports, colours…..

I am on my way back to India.


This time to the North.

My intentions this trip are to have an adventure of a lifetime, deepen my spiritual practices (yoga and meditation), and be outside.

I am meeting a friend of a friend in Delhi airport on 4 June. We are promptly catching a bus to Dharamshala for a week of yoga, and then busing to Manali where we are meeting up with another friend of a friend who conveniently is Indian, and has been an absolute organizing gem. We are going to self support bike ride (I know that is kayaking terminology but I can’t help it being a never-ever bike tourer) from Manali to Leh, which will take us about 2 weeks up 5 massive mountain passes at altitude. Once we arrive in Leh, we are going to bike ride to Lungser Kangri park our bikes at the trail head and strap on some hiking boots, crampons, and ice axes for a mountain climb!

Hopefully kayaking will also be a part of the equation,  to really accomplish all sporting elements.

After this adventuring I am planning on parking myself in an Ashram for a month…but am open to whatever comes next.

I can tell already that this will be a trip of a life time and am so stoked….stay tuned…and


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