Polly Reverse Triangle - Photo by Jo Tito

Lotus - Oil on Canvas - By Polly Green

Meditation and Yoga have become a foundation in my training and in my life. Yesterday I went on a one day meditation course designed for “old Students” of Vipassana Meditation. I have previously sat 2 ten day courses so am considered an old student. However this one day course was HARD. 8 hours of sitting in meditation. In my last ten day course in September I didn’t have nearly the struggle as I did on Sunday. Why? I have no idea. But the practice says that the whole point is to just be with what is. To crave a previous experience only creates misery. So I made it through. And felt fantastic afterwards. But during it I was constantly questioning myself…

1. Why am I doing this when I could be outside enjoying the sunshine?

2. Does this work?

3. Man this is Hard..why am I here again?

Well it does work. Someone afterwards asked me why I meditate and the answer I gave was that I think it makes me a better person. I am more aware, grounded, and it helps me remember I am not my thoughts and ego. Also after sitting for 8 hours it makes everything else seem easy.

When I went to Yoga this week, which was also very challenging. I was able to hold the postures for longer and tell myself I could and made me realize how much of everything we do is mental.

Meditation is my mental exercise. And altho it isn’t easy I am very glad to have found the practice.

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