My Hero Film Festival 2nd Place Winner

The my Hero International Film festival just posted the winning films on their website 2010 Winners The My Hero International Film Festival

A Fire Within came in 2nd Place in Indy Features in Development category, and they also honored me with a Hero Award. I feel truly grateful to have won the awards and gives me even more motivation to get out there everyday to train.

Polly Green Freestyle Kayak Training on The Kaituna River - Photo Jo Tito

My progress is steady but slow. Everyday seems to get a little bit better. It is sometimes hard being out there by myself, and reminding myself what the point is. And when I hear of people that are inspired by what I am doing it makes it all come back into perspective again.

This week has been challenging more on a mental level.  Not so much with physical training but with life. Interactions with people have been challenging and realizing that I am the cause of my own suffering, not them. But like my physical training progress my mental progress is improving. I am at least noticing my reactions now, and able to get back to a calm and peaceful state quicker than I used to. Maybe it takes me two days to get back to equanimity but I think its better than never. I am at least aware of my reaction and agitation. The two things that really helped me yesterday were reading the book Meditation Now by S.N. Goenka and by listening to a youtube video by Abraham Hicks.

This one happens to be about creating abundance in the form of money. The key is about setting your vibration and also becoming aware of where your thoughts are. Are they focused on the lack or the creation?

So today I am grateful for S.N. Goenka, Abraham Hicks, becoming clear, trusting myself more, listening, and being ok with what is.

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