Mysore India

2 July, 2012 Mysore India

I made it to Mysore!

And it already has exceeded my expectations.

I have wanted to come here ever since I did my first Ashtanga yoga workshop with Peter Sanson in 2007, and it feels like a dream come true to finally be here.
Yesterday was my first yoga practice at the Shala. I was up at 1am due to jet lag/time change and actually worked out to be up early because class started at 4:30am.

I arrived to the Shala and shoes were everywhere outside on the stairs and I had that “ut oh” feeling that I was late. Inside the shala everyone was already in thier places and it didn’t look like there was any room left. It felt like one of those bad dreams when you turn up late to your final exam in school.

The Yoga Shala

I asked a girl who was sitting down on her mat what I should do. She said “ask that guy there to move over” and so I did and squeezed in to a space. The class started about 10 seconds later, but I got in to the flow and the nerves subsided and it was amazing.

I thought it would be intimidating practicing with 100 other people all jammed in together but it wasn’t and the energy in the room was amazing. I few times I though about how crazy it was to be packed in with 100 people with about 2 inches between peoples mats and why on earth would I be here doing this and that thought was followed by one of pure joy that I was finally in India and realizing a dream and doing it!

Day 2

Today was day two, and another led class with Sharath. I arrived EARLY this time and left my little apartment at 3:30 am to make sure I was on time today. There were already people outside the gate waiting when I got there. Slowly more and more students started to trickle in and then they unlocked the gates and it was like a heard of cattle pushing and squeezing to get into the Shala and get a good spot.
Pretty funny. I didn’t know yogis could be so aggressive. I am finding a sense of humor in a lot of it actually.

Practice was amazing and afterwards the coconut man was waiting for us outside for fresh coconut water drunk out of the coconut. Amazing!

The Coconut Stand

I went for a wander after the coconut to find a coffee and sat down with some fellow yogis on some stairs on the main road and the coffee stand next door sent the coffee boy delivering us coffees.

I love it here! I have met some nice people and it is interesting being completely out of my comfort zone. I know that the lessons are coming in more ways than the yoga and am working on being aware and going with the flow and seeing where it takes me.

Tomorrow is Guruji’s birthday and a moon day so there is no practice but we are all meeting at 9:30 to do some prayers for Guruji at the Shala.
I am going to meet some people for breakfast and that is about all I know of my plan for today. Getting yoga out of the way by 6am leaves the whole day ahead to explore and see what happens.
I am so grateful for being here, that I felt the fear and came anyway, and that it is all working out.

3 July 2012 Mysore
Day 3

Rika and I with flowers for Guruji

Today is Guruji’s birthday and we all met at the Shala to celebrate him. Sharath and Peter Sanson gave inspiring talks about who Guruji was. That he was a man who was a gift, who was always open and gave pure Ashtanga yoga to all of us. I could feel Guruji’s presence there in the Shala and it was pure love. It was amazing and am so happy I am here to experience this and to have an example of the kind of person I am aspiring to be in the world.

Happy Birthday Guruji

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  1. Tj
    Tj says:

    This may be an odd question but are there any black people studying yoga in mysore. I’m thinking about going but I’ve heard that people in India tend to be racist toward blacks. Please email me back with an answer if you have time. Thanks in advance.

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