Soul boating

I have been paddling the river a lot by myself lately. Something I really didn’t used to like to do.

Every time I get on the river I ask the ancestors for permission and protection and I also ask my friend Hendri if he wants to come.

He always says yes and I feel him with me, and I don’t feel alone.

I am feeling so lucky just to be able to be on the river and am now preferring it when no one else is there. I am feeling the magic and the water like I never used to. I am working on my timing and new challenges and everyday feel better having been down there.

It is magic, and I am blessed.

I went to Hendri’s blog today and facebook page and realized it’s been nearly a year since he died. I had a good cry and feel so grateful he was my friend. I get inspiration from him everyday. I feel like he has helped me see life differently and have more confidence in myself and my path.

Thank you Hendri. Thank you for still being here in spirit and for helping me see.

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