My parents take the 45-day Vegan Diet Challenge!

I am back in California after nearly 2 years of travelling.

I never would have predicted I would be back home or that my parents would agree to try a vegan (plant based) diet for 45 days!

During my last Vipassana meditation course in India my inner voice told me it was time to go home, which I thought was strange as in my mind I thought I would be in India for years. The inner voice was more than a voice it was a knowing. I knew I had to come back and soon.

I arrived back in California 5 days ago full of enthusiasm from all that I have learned on my travels. My latest inspiration was to watch the movie Forks Over Knives about the health benefits of changing to an all plant based (Vegan) diet.

I told my parents I was excited to watch this film and would they be open to the idea of seeing what it had to say and if it was convincing to try eating plant based for 45 days.


The very next day my father ended up in the Hospital with a heart attack scare.

Talk about timing.

I thanked God that I was there and that I listened to the knowing.

The doctors all wanted to pump him full of medication, and ran a bunch of tests and monitored his vitals.

Both my parents were very against the idea of my father having to take more medicine. He is already an insulin dependent Diabetic and also has Parkinson disease for which he is taking Dopamine.

I strongly suggested that we could use food as medicine. He agreed to stick with the plan and see if changing his diet and also including meditation into his daily life would make a difference.

My mothers intentions are also health related. She has been overweight and addicted to sugar for years. She said she was ready to change, and wanted to be kind to her body and this approach sounded good to her.

It has been 3 days and she has already lost 4 pounds and is overjoyed that maybe there is a solution to her eating problem.

Maybe she can enjoy food and feel good too!

I also wanted to try the diet. I have been eating a vegetarian diet for 3 years now, but wanted to take it to the next step of eliminating all animal products. My reasons are two fold: for preventative health measures, to feel at my best and optimal health, and for the environmental and animal concerns.

So far we are all so happy with the changes. My parents are loving the food and being all in it together is great for the support and determination.

I am so proud of my parents! For having the openness and willingness to change, try something new, and be open to another way.

And just maybe we all might end up feeling amazing!

(I am getting inspiration from the recipes on the Engine 2 diet challenge website


Bean Tofu tacos Vegan Diet IMG_6313 IMG_6322 IMG_6323 IMG_6328

Vietnamese Spring Rolls A Fire Within Vegan Diet





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Ashtanga Yoga in Thailand – breakthrough!

I have come to Thailand for a month to practice Ashtanga Yoga with my new teacher Steve Lapham who is amazing! (, and I had a major breakthru today.
The question is…
Why do I make things harder than they are?
I am currently “stuck” on the asana in Intermediate series called Kapotasana (which is a back bending posture where you are on your knees with the goal being to touch your heels), and today I heard a voice in my head say “ Polly you can do this, it doesn’t have to be so hard Let It Go”.
What came up for me felt like an emotional brick wall that was old and cellular and has been with me since childhood. It is the feeling that I get in dreams sometimes where I am running as hard as I can and my body feels like is moving thru wet concrete and just won’t go no matter how hard I try.
It felt like my brain and this weird belief/ emotion/ blockage cuts me off from prana and life force making things so hard when they arnt.
WHY? I guess it doesn’t matter why. All I want is to be free.
I want to be in the flow of energy that is coming from source and in that flow using that prana I know it is all possible. It is only me, my mind and my emotional baggage that makes it seem not possible.
This is what amazes me with Ashtanga Yoga, showing up on my mat everyday with a good teacher. He is pushing me to my maximum, and I feel from him that he knows its possible for me. I just need to get out of the way, and that what I did today.
Before I begin I say silently to myself “I am now ready to let go of all this that is no longer serving me.”
My first Kapotasana today Steve was holding my hips and telling me to press the floor with the tops of my feet and shins and have the feeling of straightening my legs. As my head moved closer to my feet I could feel the emotion rising, the old feeling of running thru concrete. It was an incredible realisation to see that this emotion is what has been holding me back in my backbending. My breathing was intense and laboured and I felt like I was about to cry. I came up and knew I had to do it again.
So I did and it was much more free and easy and I could breathe and it wasnt a drama! Wow.
This is why I practice yoga.
It’s not so that I have the perfect Kapotasana.
It is coming up against the emotional brick wall that has been holding me back and moving through it. Experiencing it, releasing, and seeing light on the other side.
The personal growth that comes in moments like these are life changing, and am so grateful to have found a good teacher to guide me through them!
I recently read a blog post from a fellow Ashtanga Yoga friend which was about how do we know when we are progressing in yoga. The article referred to the yoga sutras where it says basically (paraphrasing) that you know you are progressing in your yoga practice when you are becoming a nicer, tolerant, and more compassionate person.
That is the point.
It doesn’t matter that I can do Kapotasana perfectly. What matters is that I am willing to face my blocks and let them go!
Which I know directly transfers into my life.
Becoming and living in a more balanced, centered and serene state off the mat.
Thank you Steve and Ashtanga yoga for helping transform me and helping me to see what is possible!
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