The Healing Codes

Since this blog is all a journey of self discovery I thought I would write about my latest discovery….

A few weeks ago I was having coffee with a friend who has been doing the Healing Codes. She highly recommended them and said they had made a positive change in her life. The premise behind the codes is that stress is the cause of illness and disease, which makes alot of sense to me. So I thought why not give them a go.

I have been doing the codes for a few weeks now everyday and it only takes about 15 minutes every time. They consist of a series of hand positions that are held for 30 seconds and done in sequence held at 4 specific areas of the head and throat. There are 12 major issues that the codes work on. I am finding the most significant issue for me right now seems to be forgiveness.

I have to say I have felt good since doing them except getting really sick over Christmas, which they say can be a healing response.

So I am also recommending The Healing Codes. They have healed depression and all kinds of untreatable diseases and I have felt positive effects so far

Green Wave- Acrylic on Canvas - by Polly Green

I think my training is benefiting as well. I have been much more aware of my inner voice when I am out there on the water. I noticed that the voice was like a really really mean coach. So I have decided no matter how my training session goes that my voice has to be nice to me, and it’s helping. I am also noticing how I respond when people ask how my training is going and have decided I am always going to respond positively because it is going well. I was finding myself wishing I was further along then I am, but know that I can only be where I am, and wishing I was better was taking me out of where I am today which in reality is better than yesterday and better than 10 months ago. I am enjoying the process most of the time and have decided that this journey is more than achieving the title of World Champion, much more. It is about liking myself at the end of the day. Looking in the mirror and liking what I see. It is about doing my best each day and in every moment.

So today’s gratitude is for The Healing Codes and my friends who are on their own journey’s for truth.


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