Here’s what others have experienced in their sessions with Polly

I had been praying to find the best healer for me, and oh yes I found her. I’m grateful beyond words to have met Polly. Our first session together was totally mind blowing. Profound and real life changes happened after that first session and since then I’ve done a number of sessions with the same result. To give an example: a huge fear, dating from early childhood, that have had an impact on my day to day life, vanished. I started driving a scooter (I had been terribly afraid for over 7 months and trying to avoid the whole thing) as the fear was gone. Thanks to so many inner changes my relationship to the world has changed too. It is truly amazing! Polly is a true gift.

Lisa FabreWriter

Polly is an incredible weave of mystic, power, intuitive, creative, and healer. She not only gave me channeled psychic information but a breathwork session to seal all that was needed to be released and renewed. 

My session was beyond amazing. She blew my mind with what channeled information she had to share with me. She was able to help me meet every intention of the session and even more than I expected. I felt safe and held in the supreme light of my highest good. I am so excited to work with her on a more full time level so I can continue to walk my authentic path of internal wisdom and strength. I thank you so incredibly much Polly for sharing this gift with the world. This is your true purpose and anyone that comes into contact with you is blessed fully. So much gratitude. 

Joy MaziarHolistic Body Worker

Polly is amazing! I don’t really know where to begin. I am an ongoing client of Polly’s. I am also an intuitive healer and what I can say most emphatically about Polly is that she practices what she preaches. You can put yourself fully in her hands. She has done all the spiritual work herself and lived to tell the tale. That’s what makes me trust her. Beyond that, the actual sessions—amazing! Because Polly has experience with so many modalities of healing, she is really able to let her clairvoyant/medium abilities steer the session and then she utilizes whatever combination of modalities fits your needs. We’ve had some sessions that are mostly channeling information, others that are more like energy clearing/vibration-raising, and still others where we chose to really focus on breath work and where my body was holding things. Polly always makes me feel safe and supported through the sometimes intense experiences I have when working with her. Her vibration is on a whole other level to anything I have ever experienced and as a result the transformation that she facilitates is truly unparalleled. I wholeheartedly recommend Polly to absolutely anyone who wants a taste of expansion! She truly can bring you wherever it is you want to go. Thank you for everything Polly! Much love <3

Rebecca StoneSocial Worker & Psychic Reader ~ New York, New York USA

Thank you so much for the session, it really felt like I connected with my mother and the love I felt for and from her was something I haven’t felt in a long time with all the pain that was loaded on top of it. It feels as though much of it has shifted, and while I didn’t find my fathers name, it felt like a massively healing experience and much more peace around my mum and what happened to her. I felt for the first time I was actually able to help her, emotionally. She wouldn’t let me do that while she was alive. Thank you!

Rachel GreyYoga Teacher - Bali, Indonesia

I had an amazing psychic medium session with Polly.  As soon as she mentioned my deceased grandmother was there I knew she was on the right path as my grandmother always comes through during any readings I have had previously.   Polly was able to put me in contact with my deceased mother and father which was my deepest wish for the session  and through this not only have I started  a healing process but so has my mother.   It was an incredibly powerful session unlike any other and I am eternally grateful for this gift. Thank you!

Sue CollettNew Zealand

I was fortunate enough to meet Polly at a difficult moment in my life. Although I was living in an island paradise at the time, I felt more lost and confused than ever before.

Within moments of meeting Polly, I realized how blessed I was to have crossed paths with her at that very moment. Polly helped me recognize that all the fear, anxiety, and grief I was feeling was my own creation and that I had been stuck in a cycle of negative energy. She helped me see that I did not have to remain stuck there forever; if I wanted to change, all I needed to do was make the commitment to do so.

Polly introduced me to meditation and a few yoga postures. Full of grief and anxiety, tears rolled down my face during our first session together. Though it was took work to remain focused at first, I managed to get a glimpse of the clarity and sound mind I was seeking. This sneak peak of divine light was just enough to get me hooked. As the days went by, I felt lighter and lighter and more and more certain that I had finally found a new and better path: a path towards inner peace.

Even today when I do my morning and evening yoga and meditation session, I can hear Polly’s voice inside my head. The sound of her voice resonates with every cell of my being as I breathe in the love around me and breathe out that which does not serve me. It’s as if she is right there with me….the source of the divine light that I am finally beginning to feel inside me.

Polly has changed my life forever and I am forever grateful to her.

Maren JaffeeMiami, Florida - USA

I believe if you come into Polly’s contact it is for a very good reason.

I was very fortunate to and she helped me through a very sad time in my life, her healings changed my life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love and sensitivity during my sessions with you made me feel
safe and gave me strength. The advise and wisdom channeled through was given with such innocence, thank you.

I was truly amazed by the whole experience. Apart from giving me peace around my grieving, my experience with you has given me a stronger spiritual belief!

Rachel ThompsonCranio Sacral Therapist, Taupo New Zealand

Polly is one of the most supportive and interested people I know and she comes from a deep place of caring. She has this infectious curiosity and interest in what you do and experience, which gives you the space to explore that in yourself without any judgement.  She sees things about you- past lives, lingering energies, messages, loved ones- and helps you understand your current life and purpose by showing you how these energies affect you. Its really amazing and surprising hearing what she has to say, but it also feels so natural because it rings so true.

Polly is the real deal and will give you exactly what you need, wherever you are in life, to heal yourself and open you to the universe and its eternal guidance. Don’t miss a chance to work with her. She won’t disappoint. And if you can start a long term relationship with her- through study or healing- even better. That is where she really shines.”

Nezam ArdalanMaui, Hawaii - USA

It’s wonderful to get reflections from Polly on what she has seen energetically through her channeling.  She also offers “homework” and processes that I can do to help maintain the clearing and higher frequency.
Polly has amazing gifts and the healing I had most recently has made a remarkable difference in all areas of my life, work, family and in my relationships to others.  I am so grateful and relieved to be re-balanced and grounded again.  I would recommend Polly to everyone, her genuineness and kindness will be obvious immediately, I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed to have met her and I know you will too!

Raewyn CarpenterRotorua, New Zealand