The 5 S’s

The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”–Ken Doherty


Freedom! by Polly Green

This quote sums things up really well. All 5 of the S’s are important, but I do think spirit is the most important.

My flat mate asked me the other day what is motivating me. When the alarm goes off at 5am. I have been thinking about this question and ultimately I think my reasons are..

  • It feels good even after a long hard day -it is a good tired
  • I am seeing progress – getting stronger and more stamina and more consistent
  • I like having a goal
  • Noticing the little things like when I do my flat water paddles the water lilies are closed when I leave and start opening when I finish my paddle. Like they are just waking up too.
  • Seeing just what my body is capable of if I treat it right
  • Enjoying everyday instead of being focused on my end goal

Water Lilies- Early morning flat water training - photo Polly Green

Someone told me they didn’t think I could be the World Champion because I have too many interests. Part of this statement is true. I do have alot of interests but what feels like is happening is they are all starting to feed off each other in an amazing balance which is actually making things better!

Take for example my art work, yoga and cycling, which you might not think directly relate to freestyle kayaking, but they really do. Through yoga I am learning total awareness of the present moment and body control. Cycling gives me the feeling of freedom and a great way to stay fit when my arms need a break, and through my art i get into the “artzone” so similar to being in “the kayaking zone” being in the present moment and totally absorbed in what I am doing. They are actually all complimenting each other and helping me to achieve the balance I am striving for.

The Road to Freedom! My Favorite Cycling Road

I have also been thinking alot about food lately. I just watched “The Future Of Food” a very enlightening film about what is in food and GE food, which I knew little about. After watching I am now more committed than ever to eating healthy. Mostly vegetables (organic if possible), fruit, nuts and protein (food that is closest to it’s original state). I am also making a commitment to avoid sugar which is my main nemesis. I also learned this week that the body treats breads, rice, and pasta as sugar so am avoiding those too, and read recently sugar is more addictive than cocaine! I have also given up artificial sweeteners and am instead using Stevia, which is a natural good for you sweetener.

I am on day 2 of my new plan and feel better already. I am feeling like this is a different approach. Before I was wanting to lose weight and it was actually backfiring because I would get down on myself when I didn’t or would fall of my eating plan. Now I am thinking more about what is the best fuel for my body, what will make it the happiest? And drinking more water!
I am leaving tomorrow for a 3 day Vipassana meditation course. More mental training and a good detox diet.
I am remembering to be grateful every day for the life I have been given, and to BE HAPPY 🙂

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3 replies
  1. Susan G.
    Susan G. says:

    Love this. Excellent information, beautiful artwork and inspiration for the journey – any journey. Thanks, Polly, we all need this!

  2. Susan G
    Susan G says:

    Love this. it’s hard to keep going sometimes and this is very helpful.
    Thanks, Polly!!! Keep paddling!

  3. Jo
    Jo says:

    Polly!!!! I am so glad to hear this! When I saw you I had recently finished a 10 day detox where I was just eating fruit and veges and using a herb supplement that was giving me an internal cleanse. I have been eating no sugar for a while now…now and then I may have something sweet but am fully aware of its affects on me. Sugar is SO not good for anyone!!! I felt so much better after my detox and now I am still eating healthier and listening to my body and spirit and what they need…

    I also gave up coffee a while ago and its SO much better for me, just drinking lots of herbal tea but I hear that the dandelion root tea is yummy so I think I might look at that one!! And doing yoga has been SO wonderful for me – am loving it…and walking.

    So I haven’t drunk alcohol for at least 3 weeks which has been great – don’t feel like it right now either…my body definitely feels different and I’m always listening…stopping and listening because its when we don’t listen that we can get ourselves in trouble with eating the wrong things!!!

    So glad that you are trying the healing codes!! I guarantee you will see results – that is the power of them!!!

    Take care and see you again one day,
    Jo x

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