The next chapter ~ Maui

After Germany I felt like I needed a blogging hiatus.

This past year I have put myself out there and the past 2 months have felt like I have been in a hiding reprieve.

I now feel ready to share where this past year has lead me.


Maui Magic

I have committed to my yoga practice and am here for the next month or so practicing yoga with Nancy Gilgoff (one of Guruji’s original students). I have been here 3 weeks now and am practicing yoga 6 days a week. It feels like a dream come true to be going to a focused class every day and committing like this to my practice.

Even though my official training regime is now over I still have retained the discipline of getting up early, writing in my journal and doing my yoga. I have also been surfing and LOVING the warm water here and it really is paradise. I am about to do a multi-day ocean kayak trip around the North Shore with an amazing old friend of mine, have been taking an interpretive dance class, and paddling outrigger canoe (which i could see really getting into here)

TRANSITION feels like my word right now.

I have stepped into another world and am embracing it with open arms. This is the next chapter of my story and I have a feeling I will be spending alot of time here in the future.

The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow

This feels like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and truly a happy ending/beginning.

Every day feels like I am winning!

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