Tiny Dancer

I am lately obsessed with this song Tiny Dancer by Elton John.
I have been listening to it every day and it makes me cry.
I think because I am realizing that when people die they actually become a part of us.

I have been thinking about my friend Hendri alot.
I have been feeling his courage and strength and determination, and know he is now an angel helping me on my path and on this journey. He has become like a Tiny Dancer in my head. The voice that is saying “come on Polly you can do it. Who gives a f*** what anyone thinks. This is a worthy pursuit.”

Let your light shine.

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  1. reba
    reba says:

    Love this song. How did your friend die? He is with you. We are so limited in our understanding of the spirit world. That is why I love reading scripture. Your get God’s take on eternity. We are all on a journey and you realize that. Thank you Jesus.

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