Training grounds

The Kaituna River photo by Jo Tito

Polly Freestylin" Kaituna River photo by Jo Tito

Polly loops at the Kaituna Hole

This is my everyday training grounds on the Kaituna River in Okere Falls, New Zealand. The river is dam controlled so there is always water and it is truly spectacular. I have learned through interviewing a Maori elder to always ask the ancestors to be with me when I put on the river.

The waterfall always gets my heart beating no matter how many times I run it, and is the most unpredictable waterfall ever. Many a trashing have happened here, but when you stick it and go flying off it there is no better feeling in the world. Thank you Kaituna River for being such a magical place!

Polly running the waterfall on the Kaituna

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