Blue Butterfly- Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas by Polly Green

One week until I leave for Germany.

I feel like transformation has happened this year.

This morning while I was writing I saw in my head the image of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, and then coincidently saw an amazing video about the importance of pollination and butterflies were the main stars in the video.


I feel like this year has been about transformation and that uncomfortable time being in the cocoon has passed and I am ready to FLY.

Side note…
My flat mate (who is a scientist) told me that while caterpillars are in the cocoon they actually turn into liquid. Pretty amazing fact.

So the point is…I am feeling GOOD!

I am leaving for Germany in one week and am feeling ready.

The river has been really high so my freestyle training has been less than ideal, but I am not stressing and doing the best I can with what I have to work with. Which is all I can do, and has been my motto. Letting go of what I can’t control equals happiness.

Mentally I feel free. Physically I feel fit. Spiritually I am happy.

Transformation has happened.

Thank you life! still trying to raise funds to make it to Germany
Please click on the link to donate….or if you don’t have the cash spreading the word is also a huge help!!! Thanks heaps!!!

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