Underwater - Acrylic on Canvas - By Polly Green

New Decks Beach, NZ – Photo by Polly Green

This blog post is about water, because water makes me HAPPY 🙂

Yesterday I got up early and went for a surf at New Decks Beach. Just being on my board and floating in the open ocean was revitalizing and made me think about how happy it makes me being in the water.

Catching a wave is a huge bonus.

Starting my day off in the water makes my whole day brighter. After surfing yesterday I went paddling. Training on the Kaituna River. From Ocean to River and again immersed in the water.

Freestyle kayaking, I spend alot of time upsidedown with no air under the water. Alot of people panic in this situation as air and breathing is a very basic need. Somehow I find it cleansing. After being in the water I am renewed, recharged, and washed clean of whatever petty issue is bothering me.

Some other paddlers have turned up from Japan and Europe and am very grateful to now have training partners!

In monitoring my thoughts I am doing better and being nice to myself while training. I am telling myself…I know I can do this!!!

Today’s gratitude is for water. Thank you for revitalizing my soul!

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