What’s the Rush?

Caught In The Web- Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas- By Polly Green

Last week I crashed on my surfboard and smashed up my face. I got away with only 3 stitches in my lip and am nearly healed, but it has made me stop and question myself and my life.

What’s the rush? What am I rushing towards?

What truly matters in my life?

What is the point?

If I died today would I be happy with the life I have lived?

What would I say that’s been unsaid?

What would I do that I haven’t done?

What is truly important?

These are all things I am asking myself right now.

Being hurt has slowed me down and made me look even closer at myself. What am I rushing for?

I know I am training, but is this an excuse to escape? By cramming as much into my day as possible am I enjoying what I am doing? Am I fully present or am I already onto my next activity in my mind? I do know I have been going too fast, and believe I got hurt as a result.

But what is the balance?

I still don’t know, but I want to listen to my accident as I think it was a wake up call that let me off lightly.

I have been doing more ART and read a good book, which brought up all of these questions. It is called Shadows on the Path by Abdi Assadi, and was given to me by a new yoga friend who has inspired me.

Am I just caught in a spiders web of illusions created by my ego? Sometimes I think I am, and desperately want to be free from the web of my mind.

I know this is what it is truly about: getting clear with my life so that when I die I will die smiling.

I am hoping that my yoga and meditation practices will bring me closer to truth and away from illusion. I do feel like I am seeing these things with more clarity anyway.

Stop and Listen are today’s messages that I am hearing loud and clear.

Thank you for wake up calls.

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